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Quotes About Fashion

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Quotes About Fashion Empty Quotes About Fashion

Post by xyz on Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:30 am

Here we gather thoughts and quotes which are all related to fashion.

I would like to start with the quote of a german movie maker Wim Wanders, on first wearing clothes by Yamamoto.

"I had bought a shirt and a jacket. You know the sensation you feel when you put on a new garment: you look in the mirror, happy and a bit excited in your new skin. But wearing that shirt and jacket I was different; they were old and new at the same time. In the mirror I was myself, undoubtedly, only I was more myself than before. I had a strange sensation...yes, I was wearing the shirt par excellence and the perfect jacket, and beneath them I was myself. I felt protected, like a knight in his armor."

When writing the quotes don't forget to mention the personalities, who said that, as well as their occupation, if known.

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